Special events

The Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant at Burnaby Delta Hotel has won your support for many years and is now expanding its business for 25 tables in the grand dining room and 5 VIP rooms. Whether you are planning a large wedding banquet or an elegant small dinner, we can meet your unique requirements.

The new menu has been debuted, in order to cooperate with the expansion of business, the dishes are more carefully selected from all across China. Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is member of Les Amis d’Escoffier Society & Master of Food & Beverage Management. Winner of Best Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant Awards & Chinese Master Chefs’ Award. Awards winning combination provides the most comprehensive dinner and wedding banquet.

Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is located in the central of Greater Vancouver area and provide more than one thousand free parking spaces for all your convenient. For enquiry or booking, please contact us.

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