J-doug131 One of my favourite dimsum places to visit when I'm in the Burnaby area. The main dining area was full so we were seated on the Shoto Izakaya Japanese restaurant side. It's much quieter and a better location if you want some decent conversation with your fellow diners. Unfortunately their booths are far from comfortable. The table is too far away from the seat and the back is super straight. Apart from ergonomics, the dimsum is made with care and some thought have been put to the bring in unique dishes. The shumai was made well with just the right amount of texture. The hagow was a little disappointing - nothing wrong with it, but I've had larger ones in other dimsum places of similar atmosphere. The braised egg tofu with enoki and scallop was delicious, as well as the crab claws. We finally found a place that will make a proper duck egg yolk bun too. All in all you're paying for quality so if you're expecting large portions then this is probably not the place. view more


BrandonZ_12 High quality dim sum. Everything was super fresh and hot. The squid was golden fried and crispy. All the dumplings and har gow you could see the big pieces of seafood and meat. It wasn’t the cheap over processed stuff. view more


Christina Peng It’s one of our favourite dim sum place in Burnaby. Their 流沙包 is still the best. The place recently got renovated. The new chairs looks really elegant. The food is good. Service is good but not really extraordinary. Price is fine. Wen went on a Sunday morning. The business is still busy but not as busy as before. view more


Chi N. Great ambience. Location is a bit challenging as it's set back behind the casino. But once inside, you forget it's in the same building as the casino. The calamari is really interesting in a good way. Most places will deep fry and season the crispy exterior. Not here, they make sure the seasoning is fit before coating and frying then finish with a dusting of ground dry pepper on the exterior. The XLB version of the deep fried shrimp balls are also fantastic. view more


Picky Diner My recent visit to San Francisco has once again proved that, it is hard to find good Cantonese food elsewhere in North America matching what we have in Greater Vancouver. After that terrible Dim Sum experience in San Francisco’s Chinatown, I was pretty happy to be back home and get a great Dim Sum fix at Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant.

As the use of seafood is predominant in Cantonese cuisine, shrimp is probably the most common ingredient in Dim Sum. I really enjoyed all of their dishes with shrimp, such as Har Gow (shrimp dumpling), Shrimp Spring Roll and Fun Guo (Chiuchow Style Dumling) as the shrimps in them have that snappy crunch indicating how fresh and perfectly cooked they are. view more


TA-USERDEC21 This is a great restaurant. Visit almost every time that I stay in Burnaby. Attached to the Delta so very convenient. King crab is amazing. Expensive but worth it as a special treat. All of the dishes are great. Some of the staff have limited English but it’s not a huge issue. view more


Chi N. Had a major birthday celebration so this is based on a fancy set menu.

This is located adjacent to the casino. It's probably one of the earlier ones that started a trend to have a relatively higher scale Chinese restaurant near casinos.

Compared to others, this one is small, but it still sits enough tables to have that crowded feel bit without the narrow aisles like others who try to maximize seating capacity.

Our menu was upscale where the highlight was the sizable abalone served individually with knife and fork.

The pace of serving was fine and each dish had different sauce so they don't taste the same. We finished with sau bao for the birthday girl who turned 96! view more

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